How to Play

Welcome to the 5-Empires beginners guide. Before we begin we must discuss the 4 types of resources used in this game.

  • Turns: You automatically generate 1 turn every 5 minutes. There is a turn cap off 1000, so make sure you don't waste turns going over the limit.
  • Gold: Gold is generated every turn you spend. Gold is used upkeep your creatures and buildings, but also used to purchase items and heroes on the Black Market.
  • Mana: This is the main resource required to upkeep your heroes and units. Build nodes to generate more income and increase your maximum Mana reserve.
  • Population: Your citizens provide you gold in the form of taxes. The more People you have in your kingdom, the more gold they will generate. Your people require a place to stay, so build houses to increase the maximum size of your population.

Quick Start Guide

  • 1. Explore: You start out with a few buildings but no free land. In order to gain free land to build your additional buildings on, you will have to explore. I recommend exploring a few turns so you may start the next step.
  • 2. Build Buildings: You will need additional buildings to increase your income of population and Mana. After you have explored for some land, start building a few Houses.
  • a. Houses provide shelter for your citizens and increase the maximum amount of people you are allowed in your kingdom.
  • b. Population will generate gold in taxes.
  • c. Nodes will generate Mana from the prayers of your monks.
  • 3. Research: Before you can cast a spell you need to learn it. You may study ancient magical scriptures in your Ivory tower. Some spells are more complex than others and require more time to fully understand them. Acquiring spells will help you defend your kingdom and assert your power on this plane.
  • a. Research your spells in the research section.
  • b. Allied spells cost 1.5x normal research time as your natural color. 2x normal research for Opposing color.
  • c. After you have researched your spells you are ready to summon up some creatures!
  • 4. Summon: A summoning spell magically binds and teleports these summoned creatures from their native plane to our dimension. They are under the Kingdoms control as long as there you are able to afford required upkeep. Each creature type has different needs and requirements. If you run out of the necessary resources required to maintain their service, they will leave your service en mass.
  • a. Summoning spells require time (turns) and Mana to cast, check the requirements before you cast.
  • b. After you have researched the proper spells. Make sure you have enough Mana to cast the spell and enough resources to upkeep the creatures summoned.
  • c. Allied creatures cost 2x the casting cost as your natural color. And 3x the casting cost for Opposing creature color.
  • d. Summon up an army quick! Because you must defend 5 key points to your empire. These points are manned by the creature you summon. If there are no creatures available to defend that key point, then that area is automatically lost. So Try to keep 5 types of units at all times.
  • 5. Assign Defense: Each Kingdom has 5 defensive positions that lead to the heart of the empire. If you fail to defend these positions, your country would be open to enemy raids.
  • a. You may assign up to 5 units that will defend your kingdom.
  • b. If one of your units is completely wiped and you have no more units in that slot, then the highest rated unit will automatically be selected to defend your kingdom.
  • c. Remember, if there are no creatures available to defend that key point, then that area is automatically lost. So Try to keep 5 types of units at all times.
  • 6. Attack: You must have all 5 unit slots assigned with units before you may attack opposing players or perform raid or dungeon functions.
  • a. Select your army of 5 unit types. You may not attack until you have at least 5 different unit types.
  • b. Select a country you would like to invade and assign your offensive spell. The outcome of the battles will decide how large of a prize you will pillage.
  • c. The battle is determined best out of 5. A winner of 3 battles will steal a small portion of land and gold. A winner of 4 battles will steal a larger portion of land and gold. A winner of all 5 battles will win a huge chunk of land and gold from the defeated opponent.