The 5 Empires

When the realm was created, power was divided amongst the five empirical regions- each of which were governed by one of five almighty spirits, otherwise known as 'influences'. The influences were Terra, Ignis, Lucis, Umbra, and Aqua. All five influences must co-exist, but there is a constant struggle for power...

Terra: the only sister of the five. She is kind in nature, cherishes growth and life, but possesses the strength and hard-headedness of rock- often taking things by brute force. Her influence promotes growth, instinct, and natural order.
Favors: Lucis and Ignis.
Rivals: Umbra and Aqua.

Ignis: the youngest one- born of fire, making him very passionate but furious most of the time. He is very spontaneous and unpredictable. His wild emotions and impulses fuel the chaotic fires of war. His influence promotes freedom, emotion, and impulse.
Favors: Umbra and Terra.
Rivals: Lucis and Aqua.

Umbra: born from the darkness- where, out of this darkness, grew pessimism and evil. He will stop at nothing to secure his own well-being and fortune. He thrives in seeing his enemies in pain and suffering. His influence promotes darkness, ambition, and death.
Favors: Aqua and Ignis.
Rivals: Lucis and Terra.

Aqua: the most intelligent, but deceitful, of the five. He wants to know everything, and truly believes knowledge was power. He is very swift in thinking, and always logical in his actions. His influence promotes knowledge, manipulation, and illusion.
Favors: Lucis and Umbra.
Rivals: Ignis and Terra.

Lucis: the oldest of the five, making him very protective and proud. He maintains order and demanded justice. He believes honor healed the soul, and stops at nothing to bring down the wicked. His influence promotes order, protection, and light.
Favors: Terra and Aqua.
Rivals: Umbra and Ignis.