Creatures of the Five

The influences shaped the very creatures they ruled, commanding them against each other. Creatures from respective regions possessed new skills, abilities, awareness, and powers- granted to them.

Terra: The creatures of Terra are wild, display explosive growth, and sudden predatory hunger. They are patient, but powerful cratures. They represent the might of an entire stampede..and a force of nature.

Ignis: Those born from Ignis are war-crazed, frenzied, and dangerous. They send hordes of bloodthirsty creatures- creatures of merciless power and rampaging destruction to lay waste to their enemies. They rage across the landscape cutting down anything that stands in their way.

Umbra: The creatures of the darkness consist of unspeakable horrors, abominations of sorts, and diabolical demons- as self-serving and treacherous as the mages who control them. Death-servants and secret societies carry out nefarious plans under cover of darkness. They control the most horrifying of creatures, but always at a price.

Aqua: Creatures born of Aqua, are magical things- constantly trying to deceive their opponents or trick them into using magic in a way they didn't intend. These mystical creatures often confuse, disguise themselves, or steal things from their enemies. They are swift, elusive, and ferocious. They command the power of the air and forceful waters to bring their enemies to their knees.

Lux: Creatures of the light are orderly, defensive, and cooperative. They gather fast and form unprecedented defenses. They are majestic creatures, willing to do anything to devastate the unworthy. They form effective armies- ridding themselves of any weakness, and gathering in overwhelming forces.