5 Empires is a massive multi-player online role-playing game. Choose one of the five alignments and build a glorious empire, summon a tremendous army, and begin your conquest for power! Make friends and enemies as you build alliances or declare war..Use your skills, spells, and army to become the most powerful commander in the Realm!

5 empires

Free online game

5 empires is a browser based game ideal for multi-player gameplay. It is an rpg quite different from other battle games, and is the latest addition to free online multiplayer strategy games currently available online. 5 Empires has a unique set of creatures and its very own lore that will keep you hooked to your screen. If you are looking for a free online mmorpg no download, you should look into this game. Signing up is free, there are plenty of in-game activities that will keep you entertained, and if you like to play war strategy game, you will love 5 empires.